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Bring nutrition back into the kitchen …



Most pantries contain an array of processed and pre-packaged foods. Tins, jars, cardboard boxes, vacuum packed sachets, and on and on… and the shopping bill instead of getting lower is escalating out of control.

When we take the time to examine the ingredients list on some of the packaged foods we buy, it comes as something of a shock to see the amount of sugars, preservatives, colours and flavourings added to what should be a simple food.

Time to take control of the pantry and replace items as they are being used, with wholesome, nutritious, fresh, natural foods locally grown and supplied by farmers markets, local fruit and vegetable growers, including organic grains, meats, dairy produce, fruits and vegetables.

These nutritional pages are dedicated to providing you with information. Know the essential vitamins and minerals, what are the food sources, what is their role in health, what happens if we become deficient.


We answer questions such as ‘What are whole foods?’ ‘What are the essentials for good health?’


‘How do I increase fibre intake.’ ‘How can I successfully cook grains and legumes.’ What are the alternatives to dairy foods?’


‘How can I incorporate seeds and nuts into my diet?’ ‘I love spices, but am afraid to use them.’


All these questions and more…


How to stock your pantry, followed by whole food recipes the family will love.



Eating well doesn’t need to be boring; in fact it is colourful, full of texture, tasty and pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. It just takes a different view of what food really is.


‘Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food. Each one of the substances of a man’s diet acts upon his body and changes it in some way, and upon these changes his whole life depends, whether he be in health, in sickness, or convalescent. To be sure there can be little knowledge more necessary.’