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Dosha Questionnaire

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Ayurvedic Dosha (Constitution) Test



From the viewpoint of Ayurveda, the first step in the treatment or prevention of any health related condition is to determine your individual constitutional type, known as prakriti. In order to benefit fully from Ayurveda it is essential to look at your anatomy and personality and discover which of the doshas governs your true nature, or prakriti. Getting this information as accurate as possible gives you the tools to choose the foods, environment and make lifestyle choices that nourish and enhance your unique constitution. Prakriti is your natural constitution, your essential nature or state of being. It is determined at the moment of conception and relates to your genetically inherited physical and emotional qualities, which are made up from varying levels of each of the five elements: Air, Ether, Fire, Water, & Earth. Prakriti specifically relates to those qualities, characteristics and tendencies that are stable or unchangeable for example your height, bone structure eye colour…

Vikiriti is the imbalance caused to the mind-body when we move away from our essential nature, or state of being. This shift away from our natural or original constitution can be caused by lifestyle, environment, behaviours, food choices, and general daily living. When the imbalance becomes embedded in our mind-body it creates the potential for disease. The longer the imbalance, the deeper the disease state can seat itself.

Understanding our unique nature and any imbalance, provides the opportunity to change eating habits, lifestyle choices and even environments.

‘Change is not something that we should fear Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, And no one in this world would ever move forward To become the person they are meant to be.’ ~anon~




To help determine your constitution a brief questionnaire is available for download here. Download the active PDF file, open and place an x in against each statement that you feel applies to you. It is okay to place a mark in more than one column for each question.

For a complimentary evaluation of your dosha, you can email your questionnaire to and we will return your results to you with some basic recommendations for diet, lifestyle and daily routines to help you bring balance to health and wellbeing.